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The Copious Group, LLC (TCG) is a unique collection of minority owned and operating stand-alone businesses that have been brought together to provide the public, private and nonprofit communities with unprecedented value-added products and services as measured by tangible and quantifiable results goals and outcomes. TCG leverages technology, data mining, continuous improvement processes, market dynamics, business sensitivity, and a significant talent pool of proven professionals guide and direct entities to their stated goals. Currently, the operations of TCG consist of several distinct companies with focused skill sets and strategic direction and leverages synergies between them to meet client needs when optimal.

Our Company Mission
To deliver focused, state-of-the-art technology, software, marketing and business solutions utilizing systematically proven processes that enhance and add value to meet each clients' operational and targeted objectives.
Our Business Philosophy

The Copious Group, LLC is in the business of leveraging proven skills, while helping organizations reach their maximum potential. We believe in measurable results and encourage our clients to focus, measure our performance, and reap the rewards of our state-of-the-art applications, consulting, processes and personnel.

  • Copious Technologies, LLC (CT) provides custom technology software to our entire operation as well as many clients. CT is a full-service software development and project management firm that focuses on delivering custom technology based solutions, leverage large and/or scalable database solutions and services for client-specific requirements and objectives. We design, implement and maintain internet based solutions from cradle to grave. Sample industry cases using our custom software, include areas such as:

    • Workforce Development
    • Sports Management
    • Supply-chain Management
    • Financial Services
    • Construction Services
    • Startup and Early Stage Development
    • Education Services
    • Healthcare Services

  • Copious Joint Ventures, LLC (CJV) is a business advisory firm that focuses on providing mission critical business and operational expertise in functional areas ranging from operations and analysis, marketing, sales, supply-chain and financial matters. CJV is an extremely flexible and dynamic consulting firm at its core and has the ability and insight of proven professionals that range a variety of industry segments and geographies.

    • Manufacturing and Operations Management
    • Import and Export Supply-Chain Management
    • Strategic Management and Consulting Services
    • M&A, Business Advisory and Business Valuation Services
    • Financial and Human Capital Planning Services

  • Copious Farmer & Associates, LLC (CF&A) full service public relations firm that specializes in delivering clear, concise and effective communication strategies to specific audiences. CF&A provides content management services, social media engagement and marketplace brand building strategies.

    • Healthcare Management - Content Management
    • Multi-Location Photography/Video Business
    • Social Media Management
    • Brand Building for Spirits Industry
    • Nonprofit Communication Strategic Development and Ongoing Support

  • Copious Receivables Management, LLC (CRM) is an experienced third-party consumer debt purchasing company.


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