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Copious Receivables Management, LLC

"An Elite Consumer Debt Recovery Firm"

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Money Copious Receivables Management, LLC (CRM) is a full service debt purchasing and management company.   We are engaged in the business of purchasing, managing, servicing and selling distressed consumer receivables.   CRM is a revenue enhancing company that leverages technology, constantly improving processes, business sensitivity and a significant talent pool of internal and external professionals.   Through consistently high performance, we enhance the revenue flow and deliver predictable expenses on behalf of our clients.
Our Company Mission
Our focus and commitment is to purchase and manage consumer related debt to profitable levels for our clients.
Our Business Philosophy

Measurable results and high performance are the cornerstone of the debt management industry as well as our company.   At CRM, we believe in integrating people and technology, while leveraging efficient and proven processes to garner the best and most profitable results.
We continually challenge our results and processes to search for better and more efficient methods of managing debt.   We believe in benchmarking ourselves against the industry as well as direct competitors.
We strictly adhere to a "pay for performance" culture.   This culture, coupled with the commitment to earning your company's business EVERY SINGLE DAY, means you can rest assured that we aim for and focus on achieving and exceeding your goals.   Customer service is paramount to our success, we recognize it, and so will you.   Therefore, we have developed customer service strategies that will ensure your comfort and satisfaction with the work we are doing on your behalf.
Our Target Markets
The breadth of our collections skillset provides us the ability to purchase and service various industry and debt management clients.   Our commitment and focus is to deliver the creative solutions and comprehensive suport that our clients need to maintain their competitive edge.   With this in mind, our primary markets consist of the following:

  • Banking
  • Student Loans
  • Consumer Debt (i.e. credit cards)
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
Our Compliance
At Copious Receivables Management, LLC, we fully comply with with:
  • Privacy Act of 1974
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Dect Collection Act of 1982
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • All othe applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations pertaining to debt collection practices.

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