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Our Product OfferingProduct

  • Sales Consulting:   involves building sales and marketing strategies for various size companies.   This service also evaluates existing strategies, exploring strengths, weaknesses, risks, company alignment and improvement opportunities.
  • Sales Execution:   the actual selling of products and services offered by The Copious Group's affiliates and external companies for commissions and/or retainer fees.   This service also provides a beta test site for companies exploring the launching of new offerings and/or product entrances into new geographies.
  • Sales Coaching for Managers:   the reviewing, evaluating and recommending of various sales management techniques and methodologies for new and existing managers.   This product offering is strategic in nature and is intended to make short and long term impacts on the productivity and effectiveness of sales managers.   This is a financial investment in human capital coupled with revenue improvement opportunities.
  • Sales Coaching for Sales Professionals:   focuses on enhancing individual sales professionalsí performance, sales techniques, call preparation, trouble shooting, etc.   This service is an exhaustive approach to enhance the sales effectiveness and results of sales professionals.

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