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CEG Entertainment, LLC

"A Revolutionary Approach to the Music Industry"

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Partnerships CEG Entertainment, LLC (CEG) ) is a business dedicated to a revolutionary approach in servicing the entertainment industry. CEG has harnessed the combined talents of both Copious Technologies and Copious Joint Ventures to augment and fine tune the successful introduction of an artist into the entertainment market.

CEG believes in structuring fair artist and distribution deals that allow the artist to truly feel the financial fruits of their lifes work with higher percentages afforded to the artist and his team as compared to industry standards.

CEG has strategically aligned itself with players within all channels of the entertainment industry, fueling CEG with copious abilities to control the sales and marketing process from inception to conclusion. What this ultimately means to the artist is a production that is at or above industry guidance coupled with the ability to garner more dollars from their project.
Our Company Mission
Our charge is to give our clients the optimum opportunity for industry acceptance and success by using a comprehensive approach, focused on maximizing the combined synergies of the entire copious family. With an emphasis on constructing contracts that will be mutually beneficial to the artist and the company.
Partnerships  Our Business Philosophy

CEG has an overall philosophy that takes developed talent with a solid regional or national following and couples that with The Copious Groups family of services to create an environment ripe for prolific success. Including but not limited to Copious Technologies that perfects an artistís web site, also giving patrons an opportunity to purchase their project on-line. Copious Joint Ventures knowledge of shrewd contracting strategies with various industry players and services. Copious Sales Systems ability to comprise the optimum process and approach to selling the artist image and project to wow the market. Copious Farmer & Associates - Public Relations Firm constructing press releases and clear and concise communication strategies to specific audiences using various mediums on behave of the artist. CEG Entertainmentís daily collaboration with our entertainment partners in Hollywood, CA and around the globe.

Concluding with our Business Advisory Team guiding the artist through various business questions around cash flow management, asset valuation, investment diversification, business development and planning for the future.

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